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Answer the question

Once you've picked your ticket amount, you have to answer our skills-based question to qualify for entry to the competition.

Tune into the draw

Once all tickets are sold, the draw is then live-streamed on our Facebook page and a winner is selected at random using a number generator.

We Believe In Total Transparency In Our Draws And Contests, So Here’s More Detail On How It Works…

1. Pick the contest you would like to enter.

2. Choose how many numbers you would like in the draw.

3. Answer the skill-based question to qualify for your entries.

4. Complete the payment online using our secure World Pay terminal.

5. Ticket numbers are automatically allocated by our system and then sent via email.

6. Once all tickets have been sold and numbers allocated to participants, the draw takes place.

How The Winner Is Picked And When The Draws Go Live

Once all entries are sold and numbers have been allocated, the draw will go ahead. This is done via a live-streamed video on our Facebook page – don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of notice to tune in.

We will then use a random number generator, either using Google or a Lottery Machine to select a number at Random.

The matching ticket number is the winner!

Delivery To The Winner And Uploading Winner Pictures

Winners will be contacted immediately after the draw. 

Their prizes will then be delivered within 14 days, delivery is free of charge to all United Kingdom addresses. 

Winners’ photos will then be uploaded to the site within 7 days on our Previous Winners page. 

Have any more questions? Feel free to email us at

We get it. Countless competition companies have launched in the UK recently and it’s important to choose the best. Our goal is to be THE best. Having broad industry experience in Car Sales, Customer Service, and even owning a Motorsport team. We live, breathe, and sleep cars!

We’re here to make your dreams come true, deliver excellence to our customers, and have some fun and smiles along the way. We are transparent with our draws, which are live-streamed on our Facebook page!

All our prizes are thoroughly inspected, MOT’d, and even freshly serviced before being listed. We don’t believe winning a vehicle should be any different from buying one.

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